Your requests have been answered... Say hello to my fashion guide blog!!

Hey Everyone!!! Thanks for checking out my fashion blog! As as a senior photographer, the first question I always get is, what should I wear??  Followed by do you have any locations in mind?  Well lucky for you I am going to create a one stop shop fashion guide for your up and coming sessions. In my blog I will provide styling tips, links to stores, suggestions on jewelry and everything you will need to bring with you to your session. 

When I give my clients styling tips it's always important not to change your style for your session! Your session is for you to express yourself! This is why I ask to meet with you before your session and for you to fill out my questionnaire. Both of those are designed to help me get to know you more before our session, and create the best photo session possible. 

Fashion Blog.jpg

Now with that being said my ideas won't always cater to everyone; but if you let me know your style and personality, I will do everything possible to help you out with clothing options that will be great for our session.

All outfits from today's blog can be purchased from Lola Jeannine. If you're not following them on facebook, instagram or even pinterest I'd highly recommend them and here's where to find them. Swing on by and save 10% with this coupon code: s84e3f2.

Let me know your thoughts on the blog below! I look forward to speaking with you and even more giving you the best photo session you have ever had!


Instagram: lolajeannine