Hadley Newborn Session

Saturday was my third newborn session since starting my business.  As a photographer I always strive to better myself whether it be taking classes, YouTube videos, or collaborating with other photographers. When I first started my business I told my wife that I didn't want  to do newborn photography. She asked me why, and I simply told her it takes a ton of patience and is a lot of work, plus I didn't have a studio at the time. After our son was born, we had his newborn photos done and she seen first hand exactly what I meant. Since then I have realized that no matter how hard it is, the art of newborn photography is simply amazing and produces images that parents will cherish forever, and that is exactly why I became a photographer. My last newborn session was back in December and I needed to get some practice in. I posted a free session on my Facebook page and in about 10 minutes I received a message from Melissa who was going to pop at anytime. Here are a few images from our session, I hope you enjoy!